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The 2002 EthNick

-Forward Controls

-27" Seat Height

-Frame Chopped and Raked

-More Chrome than a Car Bumper Factory!









So what kind of madman cuts up a perfectly good Tonti frame? A: One particular Guzzi-obsessed Long Beach madman. Yeah, old Lino is probably doing cartwheels in his grave.This chopped Etheridge creation started life as a 2002 Stone. A little weldup on the frame, a few trips to the chrome shop, and...voila! This baby is low and urban! Harley guys spend more on their paint jobs than Mark spent on constructing this bike. Guess who gets more looks, though.

The Nick in "EthNick"



It's hard to believe, but this bike started as an $1800 salvaged Jackal wreck.










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