The Trasher




Trasher showed up at the shop one day in the back of a pickup truck. It seems that the pickup driver was a Long Beach garbage man who found this old, pitiful, neglected Loopframe sitting next to the curb on trash day. Here's the cool part. Some local crackheads were eyeing the bike, so to wrest it from their filthy clutches, he picked it up and put it in the back of the trash truck and took it home. Soon after, it found its way to Guzzi Classics where it's been lovingly cherished. Mark even ran it at a local Harley dyno-shoot out. Rumor has it that all manner of foul material spewed from this machine while on the dyno and spinning at 7000 RPM. There you have it. Another unstoppable Guzzi pumping a whopping 23 horsepower.



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